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A look at some of the April Fools’ Day jokes in Ottawa

Must read looks at some of the April Fools’ Day jokes in Ottawa on Monday.

Bark & Rides

OC Transpo kicked off April Fools’ Day by announcing the launch of a Bark & Ride, saying it is a pilot project to “combat pet loneliness.”

“With more and more Ottawa residents now returning to in-office work on a regular basis, the only thing worse than sitting in traffic every day is having to say goodbye to your furry friend as you walk out the door,” OC Transpo said in a post on its website.

“Good news for commuters, OC Transpo has a solution to both problems!”

The transit service said the four Bark & Ride locations will “make life easer for transit riders who don’t want to leave their dogs at home.”

“Bark & Rides will provide ample space for dogs to run, play and socialize. Each Bark & Ride facility will be enclosed by a six-foot fence and can only be accessed by key-fob through a double-gate entrance.”

In a second post, OC Transpo admits the Bark & Ride locations are a joke, saying “We admit, unleashing this idea was a tad far-fetched.”

The McBoose

The Canada Science and Technology Museum introduced the “special events McBoose” on April Fools’ Day, bringing back the old Ronald McDonald Party Caboose from the 70’s and 80’s.

“We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Bytown Railway Society to bring back Ronald’s Party Caboose!!” The Canada Science and Technology said on Instagram.

“If you are from Ottawa you’ll remember a similar caboose that stood on the back lot of the McDonald’s on St. Laurent Blvd. in the 70’s and 80’s.”

According to an Andrew King Twitter post in 2019, McDonald’s on St. Laurent once had an old railway caboose converted into a playhouse, called ‘Ronald’s Caboose.’

Bytown Museum’s newest acquisition

The Bytown Museum announced the acquisition of its newest artifact – the portrait of Sir Winston Churchill by Ottawa’s Yousuf Karsh.

“Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the Bytown Museum is thrilled to announce the most recent addition to our collection: this iconic original portrait of Sir Winston Churchill, the so-called Roaring Lion, captured by Ottawa’s own Yousuf Karsh in 1941,” the museum said on Instagram.

“It’s because of the generosity of our donors that the Bytown Museum is able to effectively fulfill its mandate to collect, preserve, study, and make accessible the material culture of Ottawa. Thank you!”

The iconic photo of Churchill, known as the ‘Roaring Lion’, was reported stolen from the Chateau Laurier Hotel in 2022 and replaced with a copy.

The photo of Churchill, known as ‘The Roaring Lion,’ was taken after the then-British prime minister delivered a speech about the Second World War to Canada’s Parliament.

Crows in Parks

The National Capital Commission announced the launch of the “crows in parks” pilot project, following the public’s response to a giant crow along the Ottawa River Parkway.

“We know you loved our crow so much; we’re extending its stay,” the NCC said on X.

“Check out the ‘When the Rubber Meets the Road’ by Gerald Beaulieu at LeBreton Flats for another 18 months AND discover one of our many newly added crows, as part of our ‘crows in parks’ pilot program.”

The NCC says the new crows will be located at 90 Wellington, Mud Lake, Patterson Creek Park and the Rockeries.

“These crows will also be added to our park bench dedication program. Dedicate a crow to a loved or un-loved one.”

The NCC faced public criticism when the giant crow head, known as ‘When the Rubber Meets the Road,’ was installed along the Ottawa River Pathway last year.

A House Hippo

The Canadian Museum of Nature unveiled its house hippo on April Fools’ Day.

“Have you spotted a house hippo (Hippopotamus urbanus) lately?” the museum said on Instagram.

“We were amazed to find these elusive creatures making their way into our dioramas! The conservation and animal-care teams have been quick to respond. We will be providing updates as to their relocation as the situation unfolds.”

The museum posted a video showing the North American House Hippo inside the museum.

“The museum population of house hippos prefer fake snow, sawdust, and dried plants of their diets,” the museum said.

Canada’s Rubik’s Cube champion

Library and Archives Canada released footage of Canada’s first Rubik’s Cube champion.

“We’ve made an astonishing discovery within our audiovisual archives: never-before-seen footage of the first ever Canadian Rubik’s Cube champion. Watch this historic moment now!”

A video shows “Canada’s first Cube Crazy Carnival.”

At the end of the video, the voice says, “This is an achievement that will never be forgotten, unless, of course, someone invents colour.”

Key to the City for Lil Sebastien

The city of Ottawa announced on Instagram it had been “cooking up something extraordinary,” awarding to the Key to the City to Lil Sebastien.

“So, without further ado, let us introduce a special and iconic celebrity who has received the Key to the City in recognition of his tremendous accomplishments in his neigh-bourhood. The one, the only, Lil’ Sébastien, the mini horse sensation! (A mini horse, not a pony. There is a big difference.),” the city said on social media.

“If you want to get to know Lil’ Sébastien, join us today, April 1 for a quick meet and greet! He’s ready to steal the show (and maybe a carrot or two)!”

Ottawa Public Library offering borrowing a teddy bear

The Ottawa Public Library is now offering a “cuddly collection!”

“Borrow your favorite teddy bear today and enjoy a snuggle with your next book!” the Ottawa Public Library said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

In a link, the library admits it was an April Fools’ Day joke.

“While our teddy bear collection remains in the land of make-believe, the magic of Ottawa Public Library is very real.  April Fools’ aside, we’re your endless resource for adventures, dreams, and discoveries.”

No more pickleball?

Coun. Tim Tierney warned the city is looking to eliminate pickleball courts under an April Fools’ Day bylaw.

“Pickleball Bylaw update: Wednesday’s city council meeting has a bulk consent item that will see the elimination of 27 Pickleball courts due to the proximity of homes under the new Bylaw no. 2024-4-1 if passed,” Tierney said on X. “It will also prevent future Pickleball courts unless they are 125.3 metres from our property.”

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