Gibson Co. food bank gives veterans sustenance and entertainment


BUCKSKIN, Ind. (WFIE) – The shelves are almost full at the Veterans Food-Bank of America in Gibson County, but there is one issue with that.

“Seems like every time we get full we go back and start getting empty again,” said James Henager.

Being a veteran himself, Henager opened the food bank on his own property in 2016 for low-income veterans to have a place to get food.

“Not just a veteran themselves, for their families,” said Henager.

Henager says he’s been serving close to 220 people a month, from all over.

“We have in the past had veterans drive close to two hours just to get here,” said Henager.

Once they do get there, not only will they leave with food, but a unique experience too.

Thousands of collectibles, antiques and memorabilia make up Henager’s own museum upstairs, above the food bank. It’s full of baseball cards, a jukebox, autographed posters, a record player, comic books and anything else you can think of, including a room dedicated for all things military.

“People across the country have been shipping us stuff because they know we’re also using it to help veterans,” said Henager.

Between this hidden gem and the food downstairs, Henager says he knows he’s making a difference.

“Veterans need help in different ways than a lot of people think,” said Henager.

He just hopes more people will be able to find him.

“It’s not just for a five or six mile radius of where we’re at, it’s for everyone who can get here,” said Henager. “We’re here for those who need it.”

To volunteer, you can contact Henager through their website.

If you’re a low-income veteran in need of help, you can schedule a time to go to the food bank by calling the number on their website.

Veterans will have to show proof they were in the military and proof of income.

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