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Jeremy Gan

Are you wondering if Helldivers 2’s servers are down? Here is all you need to know about Helldiver 2’s server status, and if there are any maintenance or outage issues. 

The long-awaited sequel to the original Helldivers, Helldivers 2, promised a lot to fans who had been waiting for nearly a decade for a follow-up to the popular co-op shooter, and it seems Helldivers 2 hasn’t disappointed. 

It has become a surprising smash hit for Arrowhead Studios as it skyrockets not only the most played PlayStation game to release on Steam, beating God of War, but as sales of the game have hit around a million as well, according to Arrowhead’s CEO. 

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So as more people check out the game, it’s best to know if Helldivers 2’s servers are up, and if there are planned maintenance or outages. 

Are Helldivers 2’s servers down?

Helldivers 2’s servers are fully up and running. The game saw some server outages in its first week, however, the servers are currently functioning as normal. 

The last time Helldivers 2 had some server issues was on February 11 when players were reporting troubles receiving their end-of-game rewards.

As a response, the devs announced a server maintenance was going to be done at 10 AM PT. “During this maintenance, we expect there to be larger disruptions to the servers for a limited period of time,” announced the devs. The servers are up and running now. 

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Of course, it’s not mandatory to play Helldivers 2 co-op, with a solo mode being available to play if the servers are down, but co-op is the intended experience for the game. 

How to check Helldivers 2’s server status. 

You can either check Helldiver 2’s official Twitter page or join their official Discord server for official announcements of any upcoming maintenance periods or sudden server outages.

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