List of Top 10 Most Congested Cities in the World as per Avg. Travel Time


In Bengaluru last year, commuters devoted an average of 28 minutes and 10 seconds to cover a 10km journey, while Pune required 27 minutes and 50 seconds. Comparatively, New Delhi exhibited a time of 21 minutes and 40 seconds, and Mumbai demonstrated efficiency with a mere 20 minutes and 20 seconds for the same distance.

Both Pune and Bengaluru secured positions among the top 10 most congested cities globally in 2023, as per the TomTom Index, a report by the Dutch multinational developer of location technology. The congestion index revealed that London claimed the title of the world’s busiest city in 2023, necessitating 37 minutes and 20 seconds to traverse a distance of 10 km.

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List of Top 10 Most Congested Cities In 2023

The urban traffic scenario has witnessed a decline over the years, primarily ascribed to continuous developmental projects and inadequate infrastructure. Experts advocate for the promotion of public transport and the enforcement of strategic policies related to parking and decongestion as viable solutions to mitigate traffic congestion.

A comprehensive study, spanning 387 cities across 55 countries, unveiled London as the epitome of congestion, registering an average travel time of 37 minutes and 20 seconds. Following closely were Dublin, with 29 minutes and 30 seconds, and Toronto, with a 29-minute average travel time. Here is the top 10 list:

World rank


Average Travel Time/10 km

Change From 2022

Congestion Level %

Time Lost Per Year

Average Speed


London, UK

37 min 20 s

+1 min


148 hrs

14 km/h


Dublin, Ireland

29 min 30 s

+1 min


158 hrs

16 km/h


Toronto, Canada

29 min

+50 s


98 hrs

18 km/h


Milan, Italy

28 min 50 s

+20 s


137 hrs

17 km/h


Lima, Peru

28 min 30 s

+1 min 20 s


157 hrs

17 km/h


Bengaluru, India

28 min 10 s

– 1 min


132 hrs

18 km/h


Pune, India

27 min 50 s

+30 s


128 hrs

19 km/h


Bucharest, Romania

27 min 40 s

+20 s


150 hrs

17 km/h


Manila, Philippines

27 min 20 s

+20 s


105 hrs

19 km/h


Brussels, Belgium

27 min

+20 s


104 hrs

18 km/h

Milan, often hailed as the “fashion capital of the world,” secures the fourth position, with individuals spending an average of 28 minutes and 50 seconds to navigate a 10 km distance in 2023. The bustling rush hour in the Italian city exacted a toll of 137 hours from commuters. Lima in Peru follows closely, with a 28-minute and 30-second travel time, resulting in an annual loss of 157 hours during rush hour.

Bengaluru and Pune claim the sixth and seventh spots on the list. The report discloses that in the previous year, Bengaluru reported an average travel time of 28 minutes and 10 seconds for a 10 km journey, while Pune trailed slightly with 27 minutes and 50 seconds for a similar distance.

List of Top 10 Most Congested Cities in the World as per Avg. Travel Time

Pune is succeeded by Bucharest in Romania, Manila in the Philippines, and Brussels in Belgium, securing the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions, respectively. Romanians, on average, spent 27 minutes and 40 seconds covering a 10 km distance in Bucharest, while commuters in Manila required 27 minutes and 20 seconds, and in Brussels, exactly 27 minutes for a similar distance.

The insightful report, crafted by the Amsterdam-based location technology specialist TomTom, spans 387 cities across 55 countries on six continents. The TomTom Traffic Index meticulously evaluates cities worldwide based on their average travel time, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions, offering free access to valuable and comprehensive information.

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