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John Esposito

Compared to previous entries, MW3’s camo grind has been much more streamlined and easier, although some challenges prove to be as challenging as ever.

An integral part of Call of Duty’s multiplayer grind is the cosmetics players earn from completing the challenges presented to them, aka the camo grind. CoD’s been pretty solid at providing an in-depth system for players to grind through for over a decade, with each entry dishing out a new Mastery camo to flex with.

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MW3 is no different, with Interstellar and Borealis highly coveted skins for the dedicated. MW3 saw a revamp to the camo grind through a more streamlined approach via “simpler” challenges in the game’s multiplayer.

That said, this year’s challenges have split the player base, with some blowing right through it while others lament the more “ridiculous” requirements.

MW3 players blast penetration kills challenge

Some camo requirements are pretty simple such as getting “x amount of kills” using a weapon or tasking players to complete a feat using a fully-decked-out gun. Not all challenges are that simple, with the LMG class providing a headache for plenty of players.

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After completing the first camo requirement, the next challenge requires players to get ten penetration kills. In theory, it should be easy as LMGs have the firepower to pierce through many of MW3’s structures.

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Of course, it’s not that simple, as one MW3 player tried to blast through a container on Shipment, only to find themselves incredibly confused and frustrated.

“The bullet penetration was absolutely the worst challenge, the penetration was completely random and inconsistent,” one player said of the challenge.

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They did offer some helpful advice, however: “Try to use Snapshots and the Tactical Camera Field Upgrade and play Hardcore Shipment or Rust.” They also recommended Stash House, the newest map to join via Season 2’s update and steadily becoming a fan-favorite.

Highrise and Scrapyard were other recommendations, due to the mapss chain link fences having high penetrability. Every tip helps, as these challenges may not see any changes anytime soon.

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