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Online Bingo, Polo (Diecimilauno): “We have more than doubled our takings from 170k in October 2023 to 340k in April 2024”

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“The rooms are a meeting place for young and old, with the Live bingo we are managing to recreate the same atmosphere as the rooms”

In April 2024 il Bingo collected through the remote channel recorded a gaming volume of 21.070.835,38 euro, total collection increased compared to April 2023 by 4,53 percentage points. Players’ monthly spending is also higher than in April 2023 and in a market in good condition the performance of Diecimilauno Spa than with doubled the volume of the collection. Based on this data we interviewed Alexander Polo, CEO Diecimilauno.

How is live bingo going in 2024?

Very good, the first months of 2024 we have a very positive and constantly growing trend; compared to 2023, up Game Zone, we have more than doubled our revenue, going from 170k played in October 2023 to around 340k in the month of April 2024, it is therefore to be hoped that the increase will continue throughout the year also by virtue of new participations in the network which we will be making by June/July by dealers who are increasingly interested in the product.

So has the increase in dealers in the network had an impact? How much?

Of course they have had an impact, thanks to our new partners the network has grown, bingo prizes are higher and public interest is increasing. I can therefore only thank everyone for the trust they have shown in our game and I hope they are satisfied with the product.

ZonaGioco’s market shares in bingo are increasing…

Bingo, more specifically bingo, is part of our culture, the halls are a meeting place for young and old, and, with live bingo we are managing to recreate the same atmosphere of the halls by bringing together, however, people from all over Italy who are not only residents of the same city; By now they all know each other, greet each other, joke and have fun chatting both with each other and with our Supervisor, the community therefore continues to increase and consequently also the market shares.

We know that live bingo is also expanding outside the Italian borders, how is the foreign market doing?

The foreign market is slowly expanding thanks to our partner LiveG24, we recently returned from Sigma Brazil with new contacts, new knowledge and excellent prospects, we are already integrated with BetAno, 1xBet and other gaming sites, soon Estrella will also be one of ours . Yes! We are also in turmoil abroad.

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