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With the most recent Pokemon Go Team Rocket takeover event, many players were able to catch powerful shadow Pokemon. But this mishap is a cautionary tale for every player to not leave their phones unlocked in their pockets.

Shadow Pokemon are some of the strongest specimens in Pokemon Go, and even with so many new species introduced in the Timeless Travels season, like the recently added Hisuian Decidueye.

During the most recent Team Rocket takeover event, trainers had a chance to get powerful Shadow species, and some of the luckiest even got shiny ones. But what happens when on top of that, you manage to get a shundo shadow Pokemon, and you lose it by a blunder?

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According to Reddit user ‘dalbatrino’ this mistake happened after they fought a Team Rocket Grunt, and left their phone in their pocket. After visiting a Gym, they prepared to leave that Shadow Dragonite defending it but noticed it was already purified.

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It might sound like a cautionary tale, but the OP also stated that this might have happened because they “left their screen unlocked.” However, among the Pokemon Go community, there were others who had similar experiences to the OP’s.

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One of them stated: “It happens. I evolved and purified a Geodude the same way. Beat a rocket member and put the phone in my pocket, pulled the phone out with a purified Graveler.”

Another also shared his poor luck: “Left my phone unlocked in my front pouch when talking to a friend, then realized afterward that a couple of Pokemon were missing. Got transferred apparently.”

So there you have it, next time you are playing Pokemon Go, make sure to lock your phone’s screen before putting it in your pockets.

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If you happen to be looking for more Pokemon information, here’s what the community is saying about Hisuian Decidueye Raid, and here’s what the players think about the newest Pokemon Go code redemption policies.

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