Save over $80 on Sony’s excellent WF-1000XM4 earbuds


Still feeling groggy from the daylight saving time change? Well, we’ve got some deals to help jolt you awake.

The WF-1000XM4 may be an alphabet soup of a name, but these excellent-sounding earbuds have a sleek design in a compact case with conveniences like wireless charging and advanced features like support for Sony’s high-bitrate LDAC codec. They also have some of the best battery life around, with up to eight hours of continuous playback so you can wear them for a whole workday without worrying about needing a charge. They’re an easy recommendation at even full price, but a deal like this makes it all the sweeter. Read our review.

If you need a great pair of earbuds to withstand the rigors of frequent or intense workouts, the Beats Fit Pro are on sale for $144.95 ($55 off) at Woot. This deal drops the Beats to their lowest price, and they’re offered in all four of their standard colors of black, white, gray, and pink.

The Beats Fit Pro excel with their combination of great sound quality and very good noise cancellation combined with one of the most locked-in and comfy fits around (yes, the moniker is indeed… fitting). They’re great for running and exercising without the worry that they’re going to pop out of your ears, and they integrate well with iPhones while still offering compatibility with Android phones. The biggest hang-up may be the Beats’ lack of wireless charging, but it’s starting to get a little more forgivable now that they’re dropping below $150. Read our review.

Electronic Arts and Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake is on sale for $49.99 ($20 off) at Best Buy on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The new take on the iconic 2008 sci-fi thriller triumphantly threads the needle of breathing new life into the title while remaining true to the original’s intent and feel. The Dead Space remake offers new depths to its haunting visuals thanks to its overhauled graphics and much more dramatic lighting, getting the player more immersed in the necromorph-filled bowels of the USG Ishimura spacecraft. It’s a grisly thrill ride of a single-player game, complete with plenty of gore and suspenseful moments, that really shows what the latest consoles can do. Read our review.

The absolutely tiny Anker 511 Nano Pro 20W USB-C charger is on sale for just $11.99 ($5 off) at Amazon. If you are still using any charger with a lower output than 20W, the Anker 511 is whispering that it’s finally time to upgrade. This little guy is about the size of those ancient 5W power adapters Apple used to include with iPhones, but it’s able to juice up a modern iPhone as fast as it can go or even charge a larger iPad in just a few hours. While some Android phones charge much faster, with some companies showcasing wild speeds now with up to 300W of output, 20W is a great baseline output for most small devices.

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