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A new fleet of Walt Disney World buses has begun to arrive with a new system for securing mobility devices such as wheelchairs and ECVs.

New Walt Disney World Buses

The buses have the same general appearance on the outside with the Disney Transport logo and white and red color scheme.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 10

The middle doors open as usual to allow guests with mobility devices to drive up the ramp right to the accessible section.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 4

The new system to secure mobility devices is called Q-Straint. Bus drivers will assist guests with properly parking their wheelchair or ECV with the new system.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 20

To use the system, guests will back their wheelchair or ECV into the system using the yellow line as a guide. A button will lower the arm on the outside of the vehicle to secure it in place. There are a set of fold-down seats in the bay as well.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 24
New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 25

The new buses have USB chargers on the sides or bottoms.

New Walt Disney World buses

We tested one and were able to successfully charge our phones.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 7

In the back of the bus, the end seats have chargers on the sides.

New Walt Disney World buses 2 24 17

For the other seats, chargers can be found in between on the bottom.

What do you think of the newest Walt Disney World buses? Let us know in the comments.


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