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The skies are loaded with challenging transits this week, and we must do our best to work within this confusing atmosphere. On Tuesday, we’ll be plunged headfirst into the drama as aggressive Mars squares dreamy Neptune. We tend to be quick-tempered and more suspicious of other people’s motivations during this aspect, which can make it difficult to determine who we should engage with. Try to lay low and remember to think carefully before you speak — it’s important to avoid contributing to the gossip cycle. 

We may need to work even harder to manage our reactions as the moon wanes into her third quarter in spirited Sagittarius, also on Tuesday. This emotional atmosphere could leave us feeling overwhelmed, with short fuses that are easily lit by inconveniences. 

On Wednesday, you could feel the urge to escape from reality when the ego-ruling sun conjuncts imaginative Neptune in romantic Pisces. As these planets work together, we tend to be less focused on details of our day-to-day life and more interested in getting in tune with our emotions. If you’ve been looking to reconnect with your inner creative, this is a beautiful day to begin your exploration.

With several transits occurring on Thursday, we could find ourselves navigating a cacophony of cosmic energies. As intelligent Mercury conjuncts Neptune in psychic Pisces, our intuitive powers may heighten, helping us parse any confusion that lies ahead. Try not to get too lost in fantasy, however. Keeping your head clear is key to staying on track.

As proud Venus squares transformative Pluto, you could start to feel extra rebellious. Just try your best not to steamroll others under this influence, and pay attention to any emotions that may come to the surface if you feel tested. Communicating your feelings with grace and respect will serve you well.

Finally, as the evening approaches and love-and-money-ruling Venus enters warmhearted Taurus, our mood may begin to even out a little. Venus is dignified in this earth sign, allowing us to find our footing more easily. It’s a wonderful time to renew our sense of security and find greater value in the things we already own. But be warned: the shadow side of this transit can bring about behaviour that comes off as possessive or makes the people we love feel objectified. Be careful not to let feelings of jealousy take over during this period. 

Late Saturday or early on Sunday, depending on your time zone, the mood will shift once again as communication-ruling Mercury enters enthusiastic Aries. This transit can be empowering, encouraging us to be more confident with our words and more direct about our desires. Still, it’s essential that we remember our manners to avoid making any bad impressions on others. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 13, 2023.


Take a step back, Aries. At the start of this week, you could find your mind spinning with new beliefs or ideologies that you hadn’t previously considered. While these concepts may seem exciting, you’ll be wise to let them marinate a bit before you present them to others. Pause for a moment to reflect on the bigger picture and remind yourself of your true values. Meanwhile, are you ready to reprioritize your emotional and material needs? You may find yourself rethinking your approach to caring for your resources in the coming weeks. Your attention to detail will also be fine-tuned, making it an ideal time to get your possessions fixed, altered or cleaned.


People recognize your unique talents and skills, Taurus. And this week, you’ll have the opportunity to channel them into shaking up your day-to-day, which could truly uplift your mood. ​​You may want to focus on seeking out a venue where you can share your expertise with others. Near the end of the week, you could be in a beautiful position to embark on an exciting adventure with friends. Get together with people who share your thirst for knowledge and discuss what uncharted territory you might explore together. 


Think before you spend, Gemini. Midweek, you could feel pressured to act fast with your cash. If you’re in a relationship, having an honest conversation about money with your partner could help you avoid making any hasty decisions. If you’re single, watch out for emotional triggers that could lead you to wreak some havoc on your wallet. Listing out the pros and cons of a potential purchase will help you keep things in check. Meanwhile, you may notice your intuition guiding you toward the next steps on your career path. As you chase down a more fulfilling professional life, remember to also look inward and reflect on your true purpose. 


Unburden yourself, Cancer. Early in the week, identifying pressures that you may have imposed upon yourself will help free you from unnecessary anxiety. Reframing your perspective could also provide you with a second wind when it comes to tackling your responsibilities. Try telling yourself “I get to do this” instead of “I have to do this” — this simple shift can do wonders for your outlook and attitude. Midweek, you could find yourself itching to mix things up with your friends. Perhaps you’re ready to let your guard down and share your beliefs. Just remember to use tact when imparting any pearls of wisdom. You’ll be wise to only offer advice when asked. 


You’re loaded with professional panache, Leo. And this week, people are ready to take notice of your charisma, so if you’ve been working on something that you’re excited to share with the world, now may be the perfect time to present it with flair. Just be sure that you’re ready to provide the substance needed to back up your enthusiasm. Toward the end of the week, you’ll have the opportunity to handle a conundrum at work that may have previously had you stumped. If you’re able to keep a cool head, your approach is sure to impress others and show how capable you are. 


Your innate attention to detail will come in handy this week, Virgo. Money matters will be on  everyone’s mind, encouraging you to begin researching the best course of action for growing your finances. As you explore potential new streams of income and consider how to maximize any current investments you may have, you might even start to find the process fulfilling and enjoyable. At the end of the week, once you’ve come to a decision about how to take care of your assets, you’ll be ready to dip into your savings for a little indulgence. Remember: it’s all about striking a balance. 


Get off the fence, Libra. This week, you’ll be called to make an important decision. Perhaps people will ask you to put your money where your mouth is or urge you to make critical changes in your professional world. If you find yourself caught off guard, be sure to take a moment to evaluate your options so you can move forward with integrity. And if you encounter a loved one who opposes your decision, try standing your ground and speaking up for your principles. This will help you solidify your stance as you strive to navigate this tense atmosphere with confidence. 


Are you ready to let new people into your world, Scorpio? If you’re single, you could find yourself opening your heart to potential partners this week, giving them a chance to see your softer side. Attached Scorpios, on the other hand, may notice that they’re in the mood to amp things up romantically or add more passion into their relationships. No matter your status, now is an ideal time to embrace your emotional intensity. Harness this moment to identify any negative feelings you may be harbouring, such as jealousy or possessiveness, and squash them like bugs.


Your imagination is a powerful tool, Sagittarius. This week, let your mind wander and see where it takes you. You could find yourself quickly conjuring a vision for your ideal space, so be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby so you can bring it into the real world. Meanwhile, you may begin to see the fruits of your labour when it comes to a certain project, giving you a new appreciation for hard work. Directing your energy toward your most ambitious goals will allow you to keep building momentum over the coming weeks. 


How much of your inner workings do you share with others, Capricorn? If you’re in a relationship, you may feel called to explain more of your beliefs to your partner this week. Focus on actively listening as they process what you’ve shared, and don’t hesitate to leave the conversation open if it begins to feel challenging. Meanwhile, single Capricorns may find themselves exploring existential ideas. If you begin to feel bogged down by all of this, try to find an escape that helps you see the light in the world. 


Are you having trouble finding your focus lately, Aquarius? If you’ve been struggling with a personal or creative project, it could be tempting to distract yourself with your friends and their various adventures this week. Instead, focus your energy on creating a workspace that blocks out potential interruptions and schedule regular breaks so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on all the fun. Remember: following your passion has the potential to pay off in the long run — especially if you can harness your unique skills and perspective. Trust that you’re capable of establishing the kind of support system you require to thrive and grow. 


Are you feeling stuck and uninspired, Pisces? Sitting around the house can often take you out of your creative sweet spot, so make an effort to switch up your scenery this week. You never know what ideas could be lying dormant within you, waiting to be ignited. Midweek, you may feel called to reconnect with your inner voice and embrace your most authentic self. Just be sure not to get lost in a dreamworld as you look inward. On the weekend, your focus will turn to family, as you switch gears to take care of your domestic tasks and responsibilities. Use this time to tackle paperwork, tend to your home projects and bond with loved ones. 

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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