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£1 deposit casino bonuses UK (May 2024)

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£1 Deposit casino benefits

Deposit from just £1: Don’t spend a fortune to try out a new casino. With just a £1 deposit, your new account can be up and running in a few minutes, so you can focus on the real reason you’re there – to play games and be in with a chance of winning something from your deposit. This is among the cheapest ways you can set up an online casino account, with very minimal risk.

Claim welcome bonuses and free spins: Just because the minimum deposit is low doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for bonuses and free spins. As with other casinos, new accounts at low-deposit casinos can qualify for welcome bonuses, with offers such as free spins and free bonuses added to your account when you meet the deposit criteria.

Different casinos have their own welcome bonus structures, but by following our recommendations on £1 deposit casino bonuses, you will be well on your way to getting a good deal from your new account.

Try out an online casino with minimum commitment: This is a biggie – when you’re trying out a new online casino for the first time, it’s preferable to do that with a small deposit than a larger deposit. This is especially true if you’re looking to try out a few different casinos.

Win real money from a small deposit: With just £1 down, you are in with an outside chance of winning real money when you sign up and deposit at a £1 deposit casino. Naturally, restrictions apply – most notably wagering requirements. But when you’re depositing such a small amount, it’s a bonus that you’re able to win real money from your casino play, not to mention from your welcome bonuses.

£1 Deposit casino downsides

Limited choice of casinos: The selection of casinos offering deposits from as little as £1 is much more limited than with larger deposit amounts. The vast majority of online casinos will require deposits from £5 or £10 before offering welcome bonuses. This means you’re dramatically reducing the range of casinos open to you when you opt for a £1 minimum deposit casino.

Wagering requirements before withdrawal: In most cases, £1 minimum deposit casinos will have wagering requirements in place on any bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. This is standard across the industry, but means you may need to deposit more before you can actually withdraw from your bonus amount. Say you win £10 from your £1 minimum deposit bonus, but there’s wagering of 35x – that means you’ll need to wager 35 times any bonus amount before you can withdraw that £10, which will be almost impossible from just a £1 initial deposit.

Larger deposits needed for some bonuses: While some sites will accept new accounts with a £1 minimum deposit, you will find that a lot of bonuses require deposits of £10 or more before you are eligible for the free spins or the bonus credit. This is contained within the bonus terms and conditions, which you should always read thoroughly before accepting a bonus or deciding to sign up with any £1 minimum casino.

Minimum withdrawal amounts: Just because the deposit minimum is £1 doesn’t mean the withdrawal minimum will be £1. In some cases, the withdrawal minimum could be £10, or even as high as £20. That means in all likelihood you’re going to need to deposit more than just your initial £1 before you can withdraw from your account, or before you can withdraw any winnings from your bonus amounts. 

Alternatives to £1 minimum casino bonuses

No-deposit casino bonuses

There are casinos out there offering bonuses to new players simply for setting up their account, with no deposit necessary to get up and running. So-called no-deposit casino bonuses are usually small rewards for setting up your account – but they do give you the chance to get started without depositing and to have some play time on the house before you decide whether to commit.

In most cases, you can expect to have to deposit before you’re able to withdraw any winnings from your no deposit bonus, and there will be wagering requirements in place, as well as other terms, before you get your hands on any winnings. But as an alternative to a £1 minimum deposit casinos, no-deposit casinos and their bonuses can be a good way to get a feel for what’s out there.

£2 minimum deposit casino bonuses

For most players looking at £1 minimum deposit casinos, there’s no strict requirement to deposit only £1. Being willing to deposit £2 or even £3 brings a lot more choice to the table, giving you more casinos to choose from and opening up a range of other available welcome bonuses.

Again, these will still tend to be small bonuses,and you’ll find these are often bound up in strict terms and conditions so the casino isn’t just handing out free money. But you can still use these bonuses to win real money, just as with £1 minimum deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Look out for wagering requirements, expiry times and other terms that will control how you use these offers.

£5 minimum deposit casino bonuses

By the time you get to depositing a minimum of £5, you open up a whole range of new casino bonuses that are simply not viable for casinos to offer at lower deposit thresholds. A deposit of £5 is still on the lower end, so you’ll still see your options somewhat limited when it comes to casino deposit bonuses. But you can expect to see more options when it comes to free spins promos and free welcome bonuses, which get added on to your account when you meet the deposit requirements and eligibility criteria. 

£10 minimum deposit casino bonuses

The majority of online casino bonuses become available to new players willing to deposit a minimum of £10. While this is more of a financial commitment than £1 deposit casinos require, it brings a lot more into view in terms of the casinos you can access and the quality of the bonus offers on the table.

These typically have less restrictive terms and conditions – you can even find more bonuses with no wagering requirements or other tricky terms when you get to this level of deposit. Very much the mainstream, these types of bonuses are easier to recommend over lower deposit bonuses, which tend to be a bit more restrictive for players hoping to withdraw.

Pay by phone mobile casino bonuses

Some casinos will also offer bonuses for players choosing to pay by phone – depositing through their phone bill, rather than by making a payment up front. These are bonuses specifically aimed at players using this method of payment and can be available through deposits of £5 and upwards. 

About the author: David Fraser

David Fraser is a casino industry expert with over 15 years’ experience in reviewing and writing about the iGaming industry. Having played at hundreds of online casinos and slots sites, and worked with some of the leading casino operators, he brings extensive knowledge of £1 minimum deposit casinos and the wider gambling sector.

£1 deposit casinos FAQ

Can I withdraw £1 from the casino?

Many online casinos allow you to withdraw £1. This depends on the casino’s own banking setup for withdrawals, which will stipulate the minimum withdrawal. Some will also charge fees for withdrawals that may make a £1 withdrawal unviable – but where available, it’s totally possible to withdraw just £1 from your account.

Is it possible to win with the £1 deposit?

Yes, theoretically it only takes one single spin to be a winner. Regardless of the amount you deposit and play through your online casino account, it’s possible to win real money from your wager. But watch out for wagering requirements and withdrawal rules when you’re playing at smaller amounts.

What is the lowest deposit required by an online casino?

Some online casinos will accept new accounts and pay bonuses with no deposit. The lowest deposit amount tends to be £1, though there are also £2 minimum and £5 minimum deposit casinos out there for players looking to deposit low amounts.

Do casinos have a first-deposit bonus on £1 deposits?

First-deposit bonuses are available for players depositing just £1. This depends on the casino and the structure of their bonus offers but it’s more than possible to pick up good welcome bonuses from just a £1 deposit.

What are £1 minimum deposit casinos?

As the name suggests, £1 minimum deposit casinos are online casinos that accept deposits from as little as £1. This is lower than you would typically expect from online casinos, which more commonly have deposit minimums of £5 or £10 or more.

How to pay at £1 minimum deposit casinos?

Pay by debit card, eWallet or PayByPhone when depositing to £1 minimum deposit online casinos. The range of supported payment methods varies by casino, but generally you can find £1 deposit casinos UK wide that are able to accept deposits through all major casino payment methods.

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