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Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and host to a bustling tech scene. Some of its major industries include life sciences, clean technology and digital media. The city also boasts the country’s largest tech park, which houses more than 540 companies employing thousands of professionals. Here are the top tech companies in Ottawa bringing business to Canada’s capital region.

Top Ottawa Tech Companies

  • Dropbox
  • Ringcentral
  • Dynatrace
  • UL Solutions
  • Embroker
  • Shopify
  • ADP
  • Deltek


Top Tech Companies in Ottawa

Consensus Cloud Solutions makes products that allow data and documents to be securely transmitted using cloud technology. The company, which started out as a provider of digital fax services, is heavily utilized by the healthcare industry for tasks like sharing patient information with HIPAA compliance, collecting eSignatures and transmitting clinical documents to various stakeholders. 


Toast makes a digital platform for restaurant management, cohering front- and back-of-house operations and transactions. On the customer side, it offers a point-of-sale ordering and payment system where customers can order and pay for food. Behind the scenes, the platform covers product orders, payroll and other critical operations. The company says its expansion into the Canadian market tracks a period of steady growth and careful strategizing.


Dropbox’s file storage and sharing solutions can be used for securely transferring large files, collecting feedback on creative projects and streamlining eSignature processes. While Dropbox’s products have applications for personal use, they’re also popular at the enterprise level because they can integrate with business tools such as Zoom and Slack.

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RingCentral is a communications company offering video, phone, fax and messaging services through its cloud-based platform. Its phone services use on voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, which uses a broadband internet connection instead of an analog line. In operation since 2003, RingCentral has expanded rapidly and now has offices in several countries. 

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Dynatrace’s AI-powered platform provides observability and security services for cloud operations. Its software analyzes large, complex data sets, then provides insights into the client’s applications and suggests optimization strategies. Since launching, the platform has become a mainstay with clients like BMO, T-Mobile and Air Canada, among others. 

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UL Solutions specializes in applied safety science, working with businesses in over 100 countries on implementing operational practices that prioritize safety and sustainability. The company serves customers in industries like oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, engineering, retail, and financial services.

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Embroker offers custom business insurance packages. It uses technology to streamline the process of finding the right coverage options, getting a quote and submitting an application, as well as reporting claims and managing coverage once a business is locked into a plan. Businesses can access a range of policies through Embroker, including cyber liability, commercial crime, workers compensation, business interruption and commercial property.

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Shopify enables businesses of all sizes to offer e-commerce services by providing tools for digital storefronts and payment processing. Its platform also helps manage inventory and the company develops point-of-sale hardware to process in-store transactions. The company was founded in 2011 and remains headquartered in Ottawa. 


ADP offers a suite of tech tools for handling critical HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, recruiting and managing compliance. The company has solutions for organizations of all sizes from small businesses to large-scale enterprises with employees and operations in multiple countries.

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Deltek builds software solutions that support business productivity, helping its customers deliver top-notch projects. More than 30,000 businesses use Deltek’s products in industries such as marketing, aerospace and defense, and architecture and engineering. The company has also established a partner network its customers can access to integrate third-party solutions to get the most out of Deltek’s technology.


MindBridge uses AI and data science to detect financial risks and anomalies. Its Auditor software can complete automated financial audits and operate using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, which is propelling the technology toward artificial general intelligence, or AGI.


Keep is a banking platform for Canadian businesses. It provides a checking account and a credit card for small and midsized businesses, or SMBs, and counts on the backing of companies like Stripe, Robinhood and Coinbase, among others. Its credit card works to entice clients by providing higher credit limits and rewards with purchases.

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