Wednesday, May 29, 2024

55 fines issued in eastern Ontario over the weekend, here’s what OPP wants you to know

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The Ontario Provincial Police issued a total of 55 tickets during a traffic campaign east of Ottawa over the weekend — in a bid to curve bad driving habits in eastern Ontario.

Officers with the OPP Russell County Detachment issued 37 tickets for speeding, eight tickets for failing to stop, seven tickets for failing to slow down and move over for an emergency vehicle or tow truck, two tickets for failing to stop at a red-light and one ticket and court date for stunt driving.

While the fines for the mentioned offences vary, OPP warns that the fine for failing to slow down or move over for an emergency vehicle or tow truck is $490 with three demerit points.

Meanwhile, OPP adds, the minimum fine for stunt driving is $2000 with a 14-day vehicle impoundment and 30-day drivers’ licence suspension.

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