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Expert forecasts lengthy legal battle in Ottawa mass killing – Breaking News | Daily Mirror

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March 14 – A criminal law expert has shed light on the potentially lengthy legal journey ahead for the case involving Febrio De-Zoysa, the 19-year-old Sri Lankan national accused of a brutal attack in Barrhaven, Ottawa.

Daphne Gilbert, a professor of criminal law at the University of Ottawa, suggests that the legal proceedings could span two to three years as they wind through the complexities of the court system.

Gilbert emphasizes the likelihood of extensive psychiatric evaluations for the accused, aimed at determining his mental fitness to stand trial. Given the seriousness of the charges, it’s crucial to assess De-Zoysa’s capacity to comprehend the legal proceedings and assist in his defense.

The 19-year-old Sri Lankan national currently sits in Ottawa’s Innes Road jail, facing six charges of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

While De-Zoysa is set to appear in court once more on March 14, it’s important to note that none of the allegations against him have been proven in court.

Insights into the accused and the events leading up to the tragedy have begun to emerge. De-Zoysa was formerly a student at Algonquin College, although he hadn’t attended since the winter semester of 2023, according to a college spokesperson.

He had been residing rent-free with the victims on Berrigan Drive in Barrhaven, as confirmed by Bhanthe Sumanarathana, a friend of the family and resident monk at the Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery.

In a poignant detail, it was revealed that the victims had recently celebrated De-Zoysa’s 19th birthday, highlighting the close relationship between the accused and the family he’s accused of harming.

De-Zoysa arrived in Canada two years prior to the incident, initially living with his aunt before crossing paths with Wickramasinghe at Algonquin College, as reported by Global News. However, in a disturbing turn, his demeanor reportedly shifted recently, with family members noting a change in behavior. According to his aunt’s account to Global News, De-Zoysa began cutting off contact with relatives, blocking their phone numbers and social media accounts.

Prior to the incident, De-Zoysa was known for his presence on YouTube, where he posted videos of the popular video game Minecraft. However, his account has since been taken down by Google, the platform’s parent company.

A spokesperson for Google stated via email: “Following the tragic attack in Ottawa, our Trust and Safety team identified and terminated a YouTube channel associated with the suspect in accordance with our creator responsibility guidelines. If a user’s off-platform behavior harms the YouTube community, we may take action.”

The victims of this appalling act include Darshani Dilanthika Ekanayake, a 35-year-old wife and mother, along with her children: seven-year-old Inuka, four-year-old Ashwini, three-year-old Ranaya, and two-month-old Kelly. Additionally, the accused is charged with the murder of 40-year-old family friend Gamini Amarakoon. The lone survivor, Ekanayake’s husband Dhanushka Wickramasinghe, sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

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