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It’s time for the weekly CBC Ottawa news quiz | CBC News

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How closely did you follow the past seven days in local news? Take our quiz to find out.

Test your knowledge of the past week in local news

Four Scrabble tiles spelling the word "quiz."
Time for the weekly CBC Ottawa news quiz. How closely have you been paying attention over the past seven days? (Trevor Pritchard/CBC)

Which eastern Ontario municipality is without its mayor after he declared he was going on a “self-imposed suspension”?

What out-of-the-ordinary crime is being investigated by provincial police in Beachburg, Ont.?

And which WNBA team took Aaliyah Edwards of Kingston, Ont., with the sixth pick in this past week’s draft?

These are just a few of the questions designed to vex and perplex you in this week’s CBC Ottawa news quiz.

On a desktop computer? For the best quiz-taking experience, click on the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of the quiz widget to expand it. Not seeing anything on mobile? Try taking the quiz here by clicking on the graphic.






Trevor Pritchard is both a digital reporter and the weekend assignment producer at CBC Ottawa. He’s previously reported in Toronto, Saskatoon and Cornwall, Ont.

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