Friday, May 24, 2024

March Break 2024 busiest in years at Ottawa International Airport

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The days leading up to March Break are some of the busiest for travel at the Ottawa International Airport. Many are choosing to travel this year, despite the warm winter at home.

Sun-seeking travelers like the Holmes family are excited about a week away.

“Cancun, for a March Break destination with the kids”” says Michael Holmes when asked where he’s headed.

For this family, it’s another level of excitement – their two children will be flying for the first time ever.

“I’ve never been on a plane, and I want to know what it feels like,” says Lucas.

It will also be Lucas’s first time swimming in the ocean.

“I’ve been swimming in a lake, but not in an ocean,” he says.

Parents Lindsay and Michael decided that this is the March Break to go.

“We didn’t travel through the pandemic. Then, a little bit of a break after,” says Michael.

The Holmes family is one of many travelling. This March Break is the busiest in years.

“This is wonderful. And it’s great to see so many families so excited to travel, some of them for the first time in a very long time or the first time period,” says Ottawa Airport spokesperson Krista Kealey.

2024 is expected to be a busy travel year, with many planning a trip for relaxation or visiting family and friends, according to a survey by Abacus.

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