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Military training to increase traffic between Ottawa and North Bay this weekend

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Roads and highways between Ottawa and North Bay are expected to be busier than usual this weekend, as Canadian army personnel will be conducting convoy and supply operations training.

Canadian Army Reserve personnel from 33 Service Battalion will be training between April 19 and 21 on multiple Ontario roads and highways, including Highways 417, 11, 17 and others, said the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in a news release on Wednesday.

“Exercise OWL PERCH will follow pre-planned routes between Ottawa and North Bay, transiting Mattawa, Ont.,” reads the release.

During the training, the CAF soldiers will be conducting planned short stops and longer halts. They will also be stopping for rest, fuel, scheduled maintenance and other training, reads the release.

The CAF notes that the training will not involve the use or the carrying of any weapons or ammunition.

All the necessary measures for any inconvenience along the roads are being taken care of and people are asked to take extra precautions while on the roads during the training, the CAF adds.

“This important training supports year-round preparations for emergencies in Canadian communities, including natural disasters like flooding and wildfires, as our members prepare to deploy in response to Requests for Assistance and to serve alongside community members and other first responders,” reads the release.

Canada is expected to see an intense wildfire season through the spring and summer this year, as a result of widespread drought, warmer weather and minimal snow during the winter.

With files from CTV News National’s Luca Caruso-Moro

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