Friday, July 19, 2024

No Frills grocery stores drop ‘multi-buy’ offer

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As receipts tick ever higher for Canadians at the grocery store and shoppers continue to search for savings, one Canadian grocer has ended a perceived deal.

No Frills says it has scrapped its “multi-buy” offer, which sold singular products at a regular price or two or more of the same product at discounted prices.

No Frills says these products will now be offered at “everyday low prices.”

“It wasn’t easy for customers that just wanted that one item, you know, a lot of single families,” says Chris Wojchik, store owner at the No Frills Renfrew location.

“But we also have families that really benefit from the program. But overall, it was that customer that said, you know what, I don’t want to buy two or three granola bar boxes. I just want to purchase the one.”

Wojchik says during a time of rising inflation and a high cost of living, customers voiced their displeasure with the offer, being forced to choose between saving money or buying excess food.

“We are listening to our customers and our customers want affordability. They want to come in and buy what they want, when they want,” he said.

“If something’s on sale and it’s something that doesn’t expire, I do pick up extra,” said No Frills shopper Wendy Pease.

“Those deals are not for me,” said shopper JP Sylvester.

“It’s good for a big family. If you’re only two, most of the time if you end up with two or three of something you don’t really need. So it’s not good. I prefer to have a better price.”

Retail analyst Bruce Winder says often times these “multi-buy” deals result in money going straight into the garbage, with excess food spoiling and going to waste.

“At a time like this, when Canadians are literally pinching every dollar, especially for grocery and things like that, then it’s something probably that customers don’t want,” Winder told CTV News.

“They don’t want to have to buy two or three boxes of something if they only really need one now.”

Loblaw, the parent company of No Frills, which recently faced a customer boycott over record profits during times of financial uncertainty for consumers, says the offer is only ending at its No Frills locations and not any other Loblaw affiliated stores.

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