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Senators NHL Draft guide: Picks, best fits and analysis

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The Ottawa Senators have six picks in the 2024 NHL Draft: Nos. 7, 39, 104, 112, 117, 136. Here’s what to expect.


The Senators entered this week armed with a pair of picks in the first round. But they traded the 25th selection to Boston to acquire Linus Ullmark.

They still have their top pick — No. 7 — and will be looking to land a blue-chip prospect given the lack of depth in their system. The club has needs at several positions, but the blue line would seem like a logical place for Ottawa to add given the quality and quantity of defensemen that should be available at No. 7.

General manager Steve Staios did leave the door ajar for Ottawa trading back a couple of spots from No. 7 depending on how the first six picks play out.

“The answer is yes — depending on what the return is and who the players is that is sitting at that pick,” Staios told The Athletic on Wednesday. “You always have to be looking at opportunities to add to our group. And if the fit is right, then we would move on it.” — Ian Mendes

Corey’s team need: Defenseman

Ottawa needs some of everything, especially after several recent high picks haven’t trended well — Tyler Boucher and Lassi Thomson — but the Senators need more help keeping the puck out of their net, rather than scoring. With the No. 7 pick, they will be under a lot of pressure to draft a defenseman.

More on each team’s biggest need here.

Names to watch

In recent mock drafts, Corey Pronman has projected the following picks:

7. Beckett Sennecke, RW, Oshawa (OHL)
39. Terik Parascak, RW, Prince George (WHL)
104. Tanner Henricks, D, Lincoln (USHL)
112. Eemil Vinni, G, Jokipojat (FINLAND-2)
117. Ilya Protas, LW, Des Moines (USHL)
136. Jack Pridham, RW, West Kelowna (BCHL)

Read Pronman’s latest mock draft here.

(Photo of NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly announcing the Senators’ No. 7 draft position during the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery: Mike Stobe / NHLI via Getty Images)

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