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Survey suggests fewer Canadians marking Mother’s Day, but Ottawa businesses are busy

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It was a busy shopping day in the Glebe on Friday as many were out looking for the perfect gift for Mom.

The Ottawa Kennedy Flower Shop is preparing for the weekend rush, which floral designer Sheena Carnegie says is their busiest time of year.

“It is the biggest holiday for sure – bigger than Valentine’s Day, because not everybody has a lover, but everybody’s got a mother,” Carnegie said. “We always get scared. ‘My gosh, we ordered so many flowers, are we going to sell them?’ and we always end up selling out.”

The fine-dining establishment Aiana has sold out its inaugural Mother’s Day brunch. Head Chef Raghav Chaudhary has designed a three-course meal for celebrating families.

“It’s going to be really fun,” he said. “It’s definitely a blessing to be sold out for our first one, and hopefully it’s an indicator for a busy summer ahead.”

While millions will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, recent data from the Retail Council of Canada shows that fewer families will be participating this year.

In a survey to Canadians from coast to coast, 89.7 per cent of those celebrating Mother’s Day plan to spend the same or more compared to 2023, though only 60 per cent of Canadians plan on observing the day – down from 72 per cent last year.

“Well, as a mother I sure hope not,” laughed Katie Hession. “Whether it’s like buying flowers, making a meal, getting some jewelry – there’s a lot of ways to honor Mom.”

She says she is looking forward to some well-needed pampering this weekend.

“We’re having a nice brunch and I’m hoping to eat something yummy and not have to lift a finger all day, really!”

Others shared their plans with CTV News on Friday.

“I’m going to my parents’ house for breakfast and then we’re all going golfing together,” said Jamie MacKenzie.

“I’ll be working, but I’ll definitely be calling my mom and my step mom and wishing them a happy Mother’s Day,” said Fred Ducharme Gauthier.

No matter what is in the works, some moms like Hession just appreciate the little things.

“I just hope my kids don’t fight that day.” 

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