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We must talk about suggestions that the Ottawa Senators are shopping Brady Tkachuk

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The Ottawa Senators approach the offseason with the need for several impact players and minimal cap space to work with. As such, the consensus among pro hockey talking heads is that the Sens must make a big trade to reshape their roster. Jakob Chychrun is the most likely candidate on the move this offseason. However, there’s talks that the Senators must consider trading Brady Tkachuk for a haul.

Worse, one hockey insider believes the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most likely trade partner in a Tkachuk deal.

Nick Kypreos and Justin Bourne recently shared some thoughts on the rumors that Ottawa is considering shopping their young captain. Moreover, there’s talk that the Maple Leafs are a potential trade partner because of the assumption Toronto will look to break up their big three players this offseason. Indeed, Mitch Marner seems the most likely candidate to leave the Leafs in the coming months.

Ottawa continues to insist the rumors they’re shopping Tkachuk are nonsense. However, there’s a belief that the 24-year-old could force his way out of the Sens organization sooner than later. Recently, I expressed similar thoughts when considering the success that the older Tkachuk is having with the Florida Panthers.

Ultimately, talks of the Senators trading Brady Tkachuk are the product of the calendar. This time of year, analysts and fans are either talking about the Stanley Cup Finals or potential offseason player moves. Indeed, those affiliated with teams outside of playoff hockey are left pondering the possibilities of their team upgrading personnel in the coming months.

Nothing surprises me in a hockey offseason. Granted, I have been alive long enough to remember the Edmonton Oilers trading Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings. However, I don’t buy any suggestions that the Senators will consider trading Brady Tkachuk. As hamstrung as the team is financially, I find it impossible for Ottawa to take steps forward by moving on from their best player.

My suggestion to Sens fans is to ignore the Tkachuk discourse. As much as Brady wants to win now, I believe he is committed to leading the Senators and will give new leadership time to establish a new direction.

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This conversation may change if Ottawa remains near the lottery in two seasons, but for now, Brady Tkachuk is a Senators for the foreseeable future.

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