Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Your horoscope for the week ahead: Give yourself room to breathe as you evaluate your next move | CBC Life

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Egos could be easily bruised at the beginning of this week, so we’ll be required to navigate our relationships with a delicate touch. This will be especially necessary when driven Mars in stubborn Taurus squares power-hungry Pluto in opinionated Aquarius on Tuesday. Differences of opinion are known to crop up under this aspect, but reminding yourself that everyone has their own unique struggles can help you summon some compassion. 

You may find it more challenging than usual to be efficient in your communications as chatty Mercury squares restrictive Saturn on Wednesday. This is not an ideal moment for collaboration, either, as it’s often harder for us to see eye-to-eye with people under this influence. Take a quick scan of your emotions before you engage with anyone; entering conversations with a negative mood could make a lasting impression that doesn’t reflect who you truly are. 

On Thursday night or early Friday, depending on your time zone, the emotion-ruling moon will wax into her first quarter in meticulous Virgo, which could leave you feeling a bit anxious and tightly wound. Now is the time to pause and really put things in perspective so you can work to eliminate any distractions that might be holding you back from your goals. Give yourself room to breathe as you evaluate your next move. 

Later on Friday, the spirit-driving sun will conjunct messenger Mercury in inquisitive Gemini, encouraging us to multitask. Just do your best to stay present as you tackle all of your responsibilities or you could get overstimulated and lose sight of what’s really important. You may also want to take advantage of this energetic moment to get creative, test out new ideas and imagine fresh possibilities for yourself. 

Then, challenge yourself to identify mirages in your relationships as charming Venus squares dreamy Neptune on Sunday. This aspect can make it tempting to retreat into a fantasy world, but remember that there’s a big difference between looking on the bright side and ignoring your problems altogether. Over-idealization of a partner or situation could end up leading to a major disappointment; seek to ground yourself and guard your heart. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 10, 2024.


Have you been mulling over ways to improve the balance between your professional and private lives, Aries? Writing down a list of your true priorities could help you come up with a plan that actually makes sense. Enjoy brainstorming where you’d like to focus your energy next, but try to keep your ideas to yourself for now — they may need more time to bake before they’re ready to be shared with the world. Then, on the weekend, you’ll be wise to manage your expectations of others, as placing too much pressure on loved ones and friends could leave you disappointed. Stay motivated by concentrating on what you can accomplish alone. 


Try to come to the table with an open heart this week, Taurus. If a personal or career opportunity that you feel passionate about happens to rub your loved ones or co-workers the wrong way at first, be open to receiving criticism or advice without giving in completely. Sharing your true feelings can help you better understand one another. Meanwhile, you could find yourself butting heads with friends over a financial issue, especially if you’ve been planning an adventure together. Don’t be afraid to take some space from each other to cool down and find common ground. 


Finding some peace and quiet may prove extra challenging at the start of this week, Gemini. If you find that certain professional responsibilities are steamrolling aspects of your private life, try to carve out some time to clear your mind and establish more separation between these two worlds. Come mid-week, you may feel the pressure to act fast to take care of a home-related issue, but don’t fret — you already have everything you need to make an informed decision. Lean on your analytical mind and stick to the basics so you can save more of your resources for a rainy day. 


Getting overly defensive about your creative ideas could put a real kink in your friendships this week, Cancer. Be wary of this possibility, especially if you find yourself collaborating on a passion project with your favourite people. You may need to compromise — and find a new way to operate as a team — if you want to see your vision come to life. Then, mid-week, don’t be afraid to retreat into your crab shell to collect your thoughts and protect your sensitive spirit. You might even find that this gives you a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to achieving certain goals. 


Struggling with temptation when it comes to summer plans, Leo? Your social circle may be buzzing with tantalizing options, but you’ll be wise not to commit to anything until you have a clear sense of the costs. Avoid getting in over your head by keeping your existing financial obligations top of mind and channeling your inner party planner to come up with creative ways to stretch your budget. Then, do your best to leave your work at the door this weekend, as over-thinking your responsibilities could risk darkening your days. Cheer yourself up by focusing on the things you can control here and now. 


Try not to let a little constructive criticism discourage you, Virgo. While you may feel as though you’ve crafted a foolproof vision for your latest project, a partner or colleague could express a differing opinion this week. Take their feedback with a grain of salt, but don’t disregard it entirely; they may have some valuable insights that can help you improve your ideas. Then, mid-week, you could find yourself stepping into the spotlight at work, so prepare to shine — and make some waves. Doing your homework ahead of time will help you ensure you’ve got the substance to back up your sparkle.


Are you ready to rip off the bandage and have some tough conversations, Libra? This week, you could find yourself disagreeing with a romantic or business partner over your shared resources. If you notice an imbalance between your budget and what’s actually being spent, opening up a discussion about it may help you redefine your collective needs. Tap into your gentle spirit to get your point of view across without hurting anyone’s feelings. Speaking honestly and getting everything out in the open will help also create more opportunities for fun and entertainment in the long run. 


Challenge yourself to try new things this week, Scorpio. While you may feel perfectly content maintaining the status quo, you could benefit from making some changes to your day-to-day routines. Just avoid making too many dramatic shifts, which would feel unnatural, and instead, try to focus on smaller adjustments that’ll help you streamline your schedule without sacrificing your comfort. Meanwhile, new opportunities to advance your career and creative projects could arise with help from an outside party. Tap into your instincts to find someone who matches your energy and shares your vision. 


Summon your sensitivity, Sagittarius. At the start of this week, people will be feeling especially vulnerable, so it’s important to be mindful of your words. If you’re not careful, you could end up making an offhand comment or joke that puts a wrench in your plans or hinders your ability to accomplish something meaningful. Come mid-week, you may find yourself looking back at past experiences in business and love, and reflecting on the qualities that you value most in a partner. Take a moment to write down these attributes so you can focus on finding people who embody them. 


Having difficulty working with others lately, Capricorn? Try not to sweat it; collaborating can be tough when we’re not working at full capacity. You’ll have a chance to iron out some key elements, and perhaps even identify some time-saving solutions, toward the end of the week. In the meantime, practising patience  — with yourself and with others — will help you maintain your composure so you can get things done. And remember: you can be a wizard of efficiency when you listen to your intuition. Then, this weekend, give yourself a mental vacation by taking a digital detox to bask in the warmer weather. 


Holding firm with your beliefs could cause friction with your loved ones at the beginning of the week, Aquarius. But if you notice this starting to happen, don’t rush to resolve the conflict or make amends. Giving people some space to reflect and breathe will help set the stage for a positive resolution later in the week. You can also use this time to slow down and recalibrate so that you’re able to return to the conversation feeling refreshed. Then, on the weekend, spending time with people you love could spark an idea for your next creative endeavour. Let your support system cheer you on as you chase your dreams. 


Be extra careful when discussing money matters at the beginning of the week, Pisces. It’s important to remember that the financial lessons you’ve gleaned from the past aren’t necessarily applicable to everyone, and if you’re hasty with your words, you could risk damaging someone’s self-confidence. Instead, try to find a gentle way to impart your wisdom and express your empathy. Later in the week, single Pisces should be mindful not to overbook themselves, as schedules could fill up quickly once romantic temperatures rise. If you’re in a relationship, take advantage of this energy to plan an unforgettable outing with your partner. 

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