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Your horoscope for the week ahead: The full moon in Scorpio will help you get back in the driver’s seat | CBC Life

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Have you been feeling a bit stuck lately? On Tuesday, when the intuition-driving moon waxes full in analytical Scorpio, looking inward could help you determine your next move. Use this lunation to seek out productive ways to spend your energy and strategize how you can get back into the driver’s seat of your life. 

Our communications could start to flow more easily once chatty Mercury stations direct in confident Aries on Thursday. When the messenger planet moves forward in this cardinal air sign, we’re called to speak from the heart and realign our words with our actions. Have fun playing with bold ideas during this transit — just remember to be careful when engaging with others until Mercury exits his post-retrograde shadow period on May 13. 

Then, as energetic Mars conjuncts dreamy Neptune in artistic Pisces on Sunday night — or very early Monday, depending on your time zone — we’ll be eager to kick back and enjoy the playful atmosphere. This aspect encourages us to draw inspiration from our surroundings and fearlessly express ourselves. Be ready to let your walls down; it’s a beautiful time to meet new people and reveal your quirky side. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 22, 2024.


Actions speak louder than words, Aries. So this week, don’t hesitate to tap into your powers of observation, especially around your loved ones. Doing so could help you gain a fresh understanding of where you stand with the people you care about most. Use this newfound clarity to assess your shared challenges and evaluate your next move together. Then, on the weekend, old ideas or long-dormant projects could pop back into your mind, inspiring you to try tackling things from a new angle. Enjoy experimenting with unconventional methods — you could end up making a brilliant discovery in the process. 


Does it feel as if you’ve been struggling for control in your relationships lately, Taurus? This week will be an ideal time to take a step back and really examine how power and resources are being shared across your romantic, platonic and business connections. These reflections could tempt you to cut ties with a few people, but do your best to open the lines of communication before you make any drastic calls. Speaking your fears out loud could go a long way. Then, come the weekend, you may feel ready to get back out there and socialize. Scheduling time to reconnect with friends could provide an excellent opportunity to tap back into your imagination. 


Have you been looking to improve your habits, Gemini? At the start of the week, you could have an epiphany about how to switch up your schedule to maximize your potential. Be sure to pay attention to your spending during this time as well, as making a minor adjustment now might allow you to reach your long-term financial goals faster. And if you discover some past mistakes along the way, avoid being too hard on yourself; channel this energy into figuring out how you’ll make more informed choices going forward. Then, if you’ve been considering making a big change at work, seize the opportunity to brainstorm your next angle this weekend. The sky’s the limit.  


Fear can be illuminating, Cancer. Remind yourself of this if you begin to feel mired in your anxieties this week. Gaining an understanding of where they come from could even help you identify certain incidents that you’ve swept under the rug and not properly dealt with. Use this as an opportunity to grow to love yourself more fully. Then, later in the week, you could stumble upon some exciting opportunities for your career. Take advantage of this moment to exercise your communication skills and start putting out feelers. A chance meeting or conversation could also inspire you to enrich your skills or education to get a leg up at work.


Have you been pushing yourself too hard lately, Leo? Spending some time at home with your loved ones could be a great way to recharge your emotional batteries at the beginning of this week. You may even find that taking a break from the grind illuminates some issues with your living space that require your attention. Do your best to get a handle on any looming domestic matters before adventure comes calling later in the week. Your mind could be craving all sorts of stimulation in this moment; get ready to book a vacation or seek out fresh ways to expand your education.


Get ready for a reality check, Virgo. If you’ve been spending the past little while enjoying spur-of-the-moment adventures and mind-expanding experiences, you could find yourself being called back down to earth at the start of this week. Remember: you’ve got responsibilities that require your attention, and your inner sphere needs you too. So take your phone off silent, answer those unread emails and catch up on any paperwork that you’ve been neglecting. These tasks may not sound like fun, but they’re a necessary step toward getting back to doing what you love most. 


Have you been constantly attending to the needs of others lately, Libra? If so, try to carve out some time for self-care at the beginning of this week. Meanwhile, an issue involving shared finances could bubble up, revealing your insecurities around certain money matters. Instead of lashing out or retreating inward, use this as an opportunity to have a productive conversation that keeps all parties accountable. Then, on the weekend, you could have the urge to get the ball rolling on some of your personal projects. Make a list of everything you’d like to accomplish in case you can’t take care of it all right away.  


It can be tempting to dwell on the past, Scorpio. But if certain revelations about how you’ve been doing things leave you feeling regretful this week, try to avoid retreading old ground and look at it as a chance to write a new story. This could be a brilliant moment to re-evaluate how you engage with others and consider how you can make space for yourself in your relationships without overstepping anyone’s boundaries. Then, on the weekend, you may feel the urge to spice up your schedule. Try adding some unconventional activities to the mix; if you’re single, you might even land yourself in the presence of someone who truly appreciates your limitless energy.


Slow down, Sagittarius. You’ve been hard at work keeping several balls in the air, but now it’s time to take a moment for rest and reflection. This may mean handing off some of your responsibilities to other people, which could create a bit of friction at first. Remember: a gentle word can go a long way — especially at the beginning of this week, when people may be feeling particularly sensitive. Try practising your delivery before you lay your cards on the table. Meanwhile, as you recharge your batteries, you could find your mind is bursting with creative ideas. Figure out where you really want to direct your energy before you make any moves.


Your connections with others help to brighten your world, Capricorn. You may need to remind yourself of this fact if you feel left out or slighted by someone you care about this week. While it can be tempting to lash out in a moment of weakness, you’ll be better served to look inward. Use this moment to take stock of the people who truly love and support you, and make an effort to reinvest your time in them. In the process, journaling can help you to protect your happiness and see things from an outside perspective. Don’t hesitate to carve out some time in your schedule for quiet reflection.


You can’t be in two places at once, Aquarius. Remember this if things start to come to a head at work this week and you suddenly feel put on the spot. Figuring out how to reprioritize or delegate responsibilities could save your happiness and reputation; avoid spreading yourself too thin so that you can continue to present your best work. Then, on the weekend, a money-making idea could pop into your brain, inspiring you to chase an exciting entrepreneurial venture. Entertain the possibilities and don’t be afraid to imagine more for yourself — just try to manage your expectations and not get swept away in unrealistic fantasies. 


In need of an escape, Pisces? You may find your creative mind craving new experiences and ideas to feed off of at the start of this week. Take a moment to write down what you’d like to bring into your world; this is an ideal moment to consider where you’d like to travel next or how you might be able to pick up some new skills. Then, on the weekend, you could be feeling especially calm and collected when it comes to your cash, making it an ideal time to discuss money matters with your loved ones. Share your desires and ambitions so you can start manifesting the future you deserve.

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