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Are you looking to fill your world with more love and connection? 2024 will offer a wide variety of chances to ignite passionate fires within our hearts, both romantic and otherwise. We’ll also be reminded that relationships require communication, hard work and awareness; don’t take the people in your life for granted this year. 

As the planet of love and beauty, Venus will naturally set the stage for how we engage with others this year. Luckily, she will continue moving forward for the entirety of 2024, travelling smoothly through the signs and giving us a taste of her unique power in each one. The lack of retrograde motion will also encourage us to keep our hearts open throughout the coming months, as there tends to be less drama involved when Venus is direct. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will make his way into outgoing Gemini on May 25, creating the perfect conditions for romance to blossom. This transit will leave us feeling relaxed and comfortable, making it easier to come out of our shells and express our true feelings to others. If you’re single, this could be a beautiful chance to expand — and enrich — your dating sphere. Meanwhile, those in relationships can use this time to share secrets with their partners and find new pleasures together. 

Be sure to take a moment to look inward during the Venus cazimi in inquisitive Gemini on June 4. Cazimis occur when a planet moves directly into our view of the sun from Earth. They’re known to mark the beginning of new chapters in our lives, and are also believed to strengthen our intuition, helping us to move in the right direction. This cazimi in Gemini will provide us with the opportunity to figure out exactly what we want from our relationships and make decisions that align with our true needs. Take a step back to really envision the kind of love you wish to receive.

Then, you might feel extra flirtatious when charming Venus in imaginative Cancer sextiles bold Mars in warmhearted Taurus on June 28/29 (depending on your time zone). Under this influence, people tend to be at their most sensual and confident, which can make for off-the-charts chemistry— especially with a new beau. If you’re single, take advantage of this energy by planning an evening out with friends to create serendipitous connections. 

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign this year. 


Spending a little extra time on yourself can help brighten your spirits, Aries. Remember that when love and beauty–ruling Venus enters your first house of appearances and the self on April 5. If you’ve been thinking about trying out a new look, making a few tweaks to your image during this period could go a long way toward boosting your confidence. 

Then, Venus will conjunct your philosophy-driving planet, Jupiter, in your second house of values and possessions on May 23, which could lead you to become a bit more selective about who you spend your time with. Flimsy flirtations won’t stand a chance under this influence, as single Aries will be driven to seek out potential partners who can bring something to the table. Meanwhile, attached Aries can take this time to have an open conversation about where their relationships are heading. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want; you’re worth it.  


Do you feel as though there’s a bit of a disconnect between how you express yourself in public and in private, Taurus? You may find it helpful to retreat inward, particularly as Pluto — your love-ruler — stations retrograde in your 10th house of career and reputation on May 2. This will be an optimal time to meditate, journal and work to really understand your shadow self. You’ll be ready to re-emerge from your chrysalis with a hopeful new outlook when Pluto stations direct on Oct. 11. 

Then, when your ruling planet, Venus, in your sixth house of health and work trines Pluto in your 10th house on Aug. 29, romantic sparks could start to fly with someone in your professional network. If you’re single, the conditions could be ideal for forging an intense connection; enjoy this magnified sense of attraction, and let your passion lead the way.


Gratitude looks good on you, Gemini. And no matter your relationship status, you’ll have a lot to be thankful for when your romance-ruler, Jupiter, in your 12th house of secrets and dreams sextiles career-minded Neptune in your 10th house of reputation and public life on May 23. This transit can help to strengthen your self-confidence, reminding you of all the beautiful things you bring to the table, and making it easier for you to give and receive love. 

Just two days later, on May 25, relationship-driving Jupiter will move into your first house of appearances and the self, encouraging all of your best qualities to shine through. You’ll be blessed with a brand new attitude during this transit, allowing you to brighten people’s days wherever you go. Attached Geminis can also tap into this energy to find extra compassion for their partners. 


Are you ready to rewrite your rules for love, Cancer? When Saturn, your romance-driving planet, stations retrograde in your ninth house of philosophy and beliefs on June 29, you’ll be called to re-examine what your ideal relationship looks like. You may notice your values shifting during this period; if you find yourself craving more adventure, seize this moment to summon your courage and start exploring new social groups or realms of thought. 

Then on July 3, your domestic-ruler, Venus, in your first house of appearances and the self will trine Saturn in your ninth house, urging you to be more honest in your romantic life. When these planets work together, they can help us better understand each other’s perspectives. If you’ve been struggling to find the right time or place to say how you feel, take advantage of this energy to speak up and show others how much you care.


Prepare to shake things up, Leo. On March 28, your career-driving planet, Venus, in your eighth house of sex and death will sextile Uranus, your love-ruler, in your 10th house of public life and reputation, which could bring an electrifying energy to your romantic world. If you’re single, you may find yourself drawn to someone within your professional realm — just make sure that everything is aboveboard before getting involved. Meanwhile, those in relationships are encouraged to lean into the unconventional parts of their personalities around their partners. Let your walls down and celebrate your eccentricities. 

Then, when Uranus stations retrograde in your 10th house on Sept. 1, you’ll have a chance to take action and start creating the change you desire in your love life. Remember that you’re the captain of your ship and you’ve built a foundation strong enough to help you weather any storm. 


A little daydreaming could help you get closer to your romantic goals, Virgo. You’ll be wise to remember that when your domestic-ruling planet, Jupiter, in your ninth house of philosophy and beliefs sextiles your love-ruling planet, Neptune, in your seventh house of relationships on May 23. This is a wonderful moment to consider what you really want from a romantic connection and what steps you can take toward achieving this vision.

Then, after spending some time viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses, you may be forced to face reality as Neptune stations retrograde in your seventh house on July 7. Certain truths about how you show up in relationships and select partners could become impossible to ignore during this transit. Seize this time to end negative cycles and banish bad habits for good.


Can you be more present in your relationships, Libra? When Mars, your romance-ruling planet, enters your fifth house of pleasure and creativity starting on Feb. 13, you’ll be urged to play a more active role in maintaining your bonds with others. This burst of energy could inspire you to forge a wide range of intoxicating connections, though you’ll want to be careful not to get emotionally burnt out in the process. 

Then, on April 20, Mars in your sixth house of work will sextile with your communication-minded planet, Jupiter, in your eighth house of sex and death and debt, allowing you to show off your intelligence and know-how with ease. Single Libras will vibrate with a magnetic self-confidence that’s capable of capturing anyone’s attention — just be sure you select someone with style and substance. 


Your intensity is something to be celebrated, Scorpio. And you could find the perfect excuse to do just that when Venus, your romance-driver, conjuncts your ruling planet, Pluto, in your fourth house of home and family on Feb. 17, igniting the passion within you. If you’re single, a small crush could snowball into an intoxicating obsession if you’re not careful. On the flip side, your charm and attractiveness to others will also amplify, allowing you to forge new bonds with ease. 

Then, when Venus enters your 11th house of friends and groups and goals on Aug. 4, it’ll be a brilliant time to indulge in flirtation. Your social calendar will be filled with activity during this transit, helping to create countless opportunities for connection. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel inspired to get out of your comfort zone and meet new friends as a couple; use this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond. 


Are you looking to create more balance in your relationships, Sagittarius? You’ll have a couple of chances to move things forward and create the change that you seek this year, thanks to two notable sextiles between Mercury, your love and career-driver, and Jupiter, your ruling planet. 

As Mercury in your fourth house of home and family sextiles Jupiter in your sixth house of work and health on Feb. 29, you may feel inspired to shake up your surroundings. If you share a space with your partner, this will be an ideal time to communicate your needs and pitch any improvements you’d like to make. 

Then, when Mercury in your ninth house of adventure sextiles Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships on July 8, a fresh romance could blossom from an unlikely place. If you wish to foster more love in your life, be bold and try to connect. Regardless of your relationship status, this aspect can help you see eye to eye with others and come to better understand each other.


Love is like a garden, Capricorn. You must keep planting new seeds if you want to enjoy the rewards of your relationships. On May 7/8 (depending on your time zone), your romance-ruler, the moon, will begin a new cycle in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, helping you refresh your outlook — and your approach to others. If you’re single, this will be a great opportunity to let go of expectations and find more positive ways to express yourself.

Then, when the new moon arrives in your seventh house of relationships on July 5, you’ll have a beautiful chance to reimagine what you want your romantic connections to look like. If you’ve been thinking about taking your relationship to its next phase, now is the time to talk logistics and sort out agreements. Consider the work required to make this happen and get cracking. 


A passionate connection may be closer than you think, Aquarius. And when the sun, your love-ruler, enters your third house of communication and neighbours on March 19, your eyes could open to a whole new world of romantic possibilities. Single Aquarians might find themselves stumbling across potential partners in their day-to-day travels, reigniting their inner optimist in the process. 

Then, be prepared to roll with the punches when your domestic-ruling planet, Venus, in your second house of values and security sextiles your ruling planet, Uranus, in your fourth house of home and family on March 28. Under this influence, your safe haven could become a place of excitement, and if you’re single, entertaining at home may even usher new paramours into your world. Meanwhile, attached water-bearers can harness this moment to break ground on changes to their shared space or make a big move together. 


As one of the most compassionate signs in the zodiac, it’s easy for you to get swept up in other people’s feelings, Pisces. This year, you’ll be given some extra time to consider your closest connections, as Mercury, your love-ruling planet, spends a whopping five weeks in your seventh house of relationships instead of his usual three. But when the messenger planet moves through this house from July 25 to Aug. 12 and Sept. 9 to 26, you may have to work harder to ensure you don’t lose yourself to the emotional needs of others. Take time to reflect on what you gain from your loved ones, rather than simply tending to their desires. 

Then, on March 10, your romance-minded moon will begin a new cycle in your first house of appearances and the self. Take advantage of this lunation to reflect on how you’d like to be seen by others and meditate on how you can represent yourself more authentically in the future. 

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