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Happy summer solstice! As we greet a new season on June 20 — the longest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere — take a second to ask yourself: who do you really want to cool down with this summer? The spirit-driving sun will enter nurturing Cancer on the same day, steering us toward people and places that make us feel safe and secure. This is a great transit to embrace stability and hunker down with your inner circle. 

Meanwhile, we could find ourselves feeling a lot more sensitive under the energy of this cardinal water sign. If you find your emotions bubbling up more quickly than usual, try to figure out what these feelings may reveal about your true needs; being open and honest about them will help you clear any hurdle you face this Cancer season. 

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to rewrite some personal narratives, you could get the shot you’ve been waiting for when disciplined Saturn stations retrograde in imaginative Pisces on June 29. As the ringed planet moves in reverse, he encourages us to adjust our self-imposed rules and structures. Use the next few months of this transit to let go of restrictive ideas about who you should be and embrace the limitless possibilities. 

A rude awakening could be headed our way when deceptive Neptune stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces on July 2. Illusions are easily shattered when the planet of secrets and dreams travels in reverse, so be prepared to face some difficult truths throughout this five-month period. Taking note of what needs improvement now will help protect you from future disappointment.

Then, your inner performer could come out to play as the ego-ruling sun enters charismatic Leo on July 22. Soak up the annual collective confidence boost that is Leo season by going after your dreams with gusto. It’s also a wonderful time to show off your talents, flex your flirtation skills and maybe even stir up some drama. 

On Aug. 4/5, depending on your time zone, speedy Mercury will station retrograde in fussy Virgo, which could create a few snags in our schedules over the next couple weeks. When the planet of communication moves backward, we often require more time to get things done, so do your best to free yourself from idealistic expectations and aim for completion instead of perfection. Reviewing your work will also keep you from making mistakes that will set you back even further. 

Try to avoid throwing yourself a pity party when expansive Jupiter squares rigid Saturn on Aug. 19. This formidable aspect has a tendency to highlight our most negative traits, but it can also provide us with an opportunity to break bad habits — if we’re willing to put in the effort. Listen to any uncomfortable emotions that get brought up and use them to chart a path forward. Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions will be key to reclaiming your power under this energy. 

Then, when the sun enters hard-working Virgo on Aug. 22, we’ll be eager to get our hands dirty. It’s often easier for us to get organized as the sun moves through this mutable earth sign, making it a beautiful time to identify what needs to be done and tweak our routines to make magic happen. Just be mindful not to push yourself too hard throughout this period and make space to enjoy the rewards of your efforts. 

Starting Sept. 1, innovative Uranus will station retrograde in measured Taurus, giving us a chance to harness our true potential. As the planet of change moves in reverse for the rest of the year, external forces could have less of an impact on us. Take advantage of this moment to break free from distractions and temptation so you can focus on steering your destiny in the right direction. 

Also on Sept. 1, transformative Pluto will start to travel backward through ambitious Capricorn — his last journey through the sign in our lifetime. Important lessons about how we operate as a collective could come to the surface over the next few weeks, exposing outdated ideas about existing power structures and making way for some major societal shifts. Challenge yourself to examine how far we’ve come as you prepare for what’s next. 

The final significant astrological event of the season arrives on Sept. 17/18 as we welcome a partial lunar eclipse. During this lunation, the sun in analytical Virgo will oppose the moon in deep-feeling Pisces, which could shed some light on our subconscious feelings. As you navigate this energy, looking inward may also help reveal certain issues you’ve been pushing to the back of your mind that can no longer be ignored. Now is the time to face them — and cut ties with anything that’s holding you back. 

Here is your 2024 summer solstice horoscope:


Are you ready to fill your cup, Aries? As summer kicks off on June 20, your pleasure and creativity-ruling sun will move into your fourth house of family and private life, calling you to spend more time with the people you hold dearest. Take advantage of this re-energizing transit to plan a relaxing getaway with your loved ones or invite them over for a low-key gathering at your place. 

Then, on Aug. 19, your intellect-ruling planet — Jupiter — in your third house of communication will square career-focused Saturn in your 12th house of secrets and dreams. You could encounter some hiccups with your work or routines under this powerful aspect, but a good brainstorming session is sure to help you solve any challenges that arise. You may also want to seize this moment to simplify your schedule; it might require you to make some tough decisions, but the payoff will definitely be worth it. 


Prepare for an influx of activity, Taurus. Life could start to move a lot faster when the sun, which governs your domestic world, enters your third house of communication and neighbours on June 20. Harness the social energy of this transit to get out and about, and interact with your local community — just be sure to still save some face time for the people you love most. 

Then, prepare for some intense self-realizations to come your way as the partial lunar eclipse in Pisces arrives on Sept. 17/18. When the sun in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity opposes the emotion-ruling moon in your 11th house of goals, you could become aware of just how much you’ve been holding yourself back as of late. If you feel like you’ve got countless stories, ideas and passion projects to nurture, use this moment to tap into all your hidden potential and make some powerful moves.


Indulge your senses, Gemini. As the sun illuminates your second house of values and material possessions on June 20, it’ll be an ideal time to soak up the beauty in your surroundings. Over the course of this transit, you may even feel inspired to use your hard-earned cash to revamp your space or splurge on something special. Just be sure that you take some time to budget out everything carefully before you break open your wallet. 

Then, on Aug. 19, your love-ruling planet — Jupiter — in your first house of the self and appearances will square disciplined Saturn in your 10th house of career, influence and public life. This powerful aspect could highlight some flaws or mistakes you’ve made, forcing you to confront a less-than-flattering image of yourself. Do your best to let go of your pride as you face these realizations; practising humility will allow you to move forward with grace. 


Don’t be afraid to soak up the spotlight this summer, Cancer. Starting June 20, the spirit-driving sun will illuminate your first house of appearances and the self, allowing you to effortlessly command attention just about anywhere you go. Enjoy the self-esteem boost that your astrological season brings; you may even find that it inspires you to pursue some long-held ambitions. 

Then, when the lunar eclipse in Pisces arrives on Sept. 17/18, you’ll be called to let go of self-imposed limitations. During this lunation, the sun in your third house of communication and neighbours will oppose the moon in your ninth house of education and beliefs, urging you to reflect on how you may be closing yourself off to others. This is a great time to take a class or workshop that’ll get you involved with your local community. Who knows? You could even forge some meaningful relationships or find a fresh sense of purpose in the process. 


How do you want to present yourself to the world, Leo? Consider this question as your ruling sun moves into your 12th house of secrets and dreams on June 20. This necessary transit will allow you to reconnect with your inner voice and reflect on where you’d like to spend your energy moving forward. You may feel less showy during this period — and that’s OK. Don’t be afraid to lie back and let others enjoy the limelight. 

Then, when expansive Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships squares routine-ruling Saturn in your eighth house of transformation on Aug. 19, you’ll have a chance to make up for any commitments you may have broken of late. If you’ve been guilty of over-promising and under-delivering, taking responsibility for your actions could be a great first step to winning back the trust of your friends and colleagues. 


Get ready for your social calendar to fill up, Virgo. Starting on June 20, the sun will shine on your 11th house of friendships and goals, motivating you to socialize and think of delightful new ways to connect with your favourite people. This is also a beautiful time of year to pursue exciting passion projects. Just be sure to give your creative ideas a little time to bake; others will be most receptive to them starting on Aug. 22, when the sun makes his way into your first house of the self, appearance and first impressions. 

Then, be open to receiving constructive criticism on Aug. 19, when domestic-ruling Jupiter in your 10th house of influence and public life squares pleasure-ruling Saturn in your seventh house of relationships. Partnered up? You could find your significant other has something to say about how you show up for each other. Meanwhile, if you’re single, you may discover that you’ve built up some bad habits that affect how you’re seen by others; listen for cues and be ready to make a change. 


You’re at the top of your game, Libra. And as the sun shimmers on your 10th house of career, influence and public life beginning on June 20, people in your network could start to take notice of your talents and skills, paving the way for you to make some impressive moves in your professional world. If you’re hunting for a new job, you may make great strides toward elevating your standing and securing a fulfilling position. If you’re happy where you are, this could be a wonderful time to put your name in for a promotion or advocate for a raise. 

Then, on Aug. 19, an issue related to how you tackle your responsibilities could make itself apparent. Practise awareness as communication-ruling Jupiter in your ninth house of education and beliefs squares domestic-ruling Saturn in your sixth house of work and routines. Being able to admit to your mistakes and missteps will help soften any conflict between you and those you love.  


A change of pace could be transformative for your career this summer, Scorpio. Starting on June 20, your work-ruling sun will inhabit your ninth house of travel, education and beliefs, motivating you to invest more time and energy in your passions and interests. So if you feel like you’ve been covering old ground for too long, use the next four weeks to venture into uncharted territory. Exposing yourself to a range of new ideas and practices will help lay the groundwork for success. 

Later this summer, you’re invited to reflect upon how your interpersonal skills have sharpened over time. On Sept. 1, your ruling planet, Pluto, will start traveling backward through your third house of communication and neighbours, highlighting how you engage with your inner circle. Use your strategic mind to determine what behaviours and attitudes you’re ready to leave in the past during this enlightening six-week transit. 


Are you ready to undergo a metamorphosis, Sagittarius? As the sun illuminates your eighth house of death and transformation on June 20, you could feel called to take a step back from the social scene and reprioritize your personal growth. Over the next four weeks, you’ll also be encouraged to reintegrate with your shadow self. Make an effort to identify the source of your emotions and impulses, and take careful note of what you learn throughout this time — it could help you face some issues you’ve been avoiding. 

Then, be prepared to put down your barbs on Aug. 19, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your seventh house of relationships squares money-ruling Saturn in your fourth house of home and family. Choosing your battles wisely during this transit is important, as an aggressive approach will likely result in disaster. Budgeting, cutting out unnecessary spending and being transparent about your needs will allow you to navigate a new way forward together.  


Are you still searching for your missing piece in business or love, Capricorn? As the sun enters your seventh house of relationships on June 20, you could be filled with fresh motivation to find someone to complement your skills at work or make a meaningful love connection. But while single Capricorns will enjoy entering the social scene as summer kicks off, those in relationships could start to feel like they’re relying on their partner’s opinion too much. Remember: your voice is equally important.

Then, as your spiritual ruler, Jupiter, in your sixth house of health and routines squares Saturn in your third house of communication and neighbours, you could find yourself speaking out of turn and butting heads with people in your inner circle. Give yourself some grace, but consider that it might also be time to brush up on your etiquette and manners so you can avoid unnecessary conflict in the future. 


How do you feel about Type A personalities, Aquarius? You could begin to develop a new or heightened appreciation for driven, organized people as your romance-ruling sun lights up your sixth house of work and routines on June 20. If you’re single, this could be an excellent time to schedule dates with prospects who check these boxes. Meanwhile, partnered water-bearers could find they’re happy to tackle errands and develop new good habits with their loved one under this influence. 

Then, as influential Pluto begins his retrograde journey through your 12th house of dreams and the unconscious on Sept. 1, sift through your memories and retrace your steps. Looking back to 2008 in particular, and what you were working on at the time, could lead you to rediscover a gem of an idea. The timing will be right to relaunch old passion projects once the planet of death and rebirth stations direct on Oct. 11. 


You’ve got a big, beautiful world to explore, Pisces. Enjoy breaking out of your comfort zone and tapping into your artistic side as your routine-ruling sun brightens your fifth house of pleasure and creativity on June 20. You may also feel encouraged to flaunt your style, talent and sense of humour as summer kicks off. Single Pisceans can channel this confidence into meeting a new love interest or two. Meanwhile, those in relationships could feel inspired to involve more play in their connections. 

Then, on Sept. 17/18 — when the sun in your seventh house of relationships faces off against your romantic-ruling moon in your first house of the self — pay close attention to how you engage with others. Emotions stirred up by this lunar eclipse may feel particularly intense, but you’ll be wise to avoid any big reactions. Instead, take a moment to sit with your feelings so you can plan your next move.

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